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Kathmandu Medical College was started in 1997 to provide high standards of medical education to the aspiring students and best healthcare facilities to the poor and needy people of the society. This college was possessed by Kathmandu Medical College Private Limited in 2000 under the supervision of influential people, doctors and businessmen. The college is located in Sinamangal region of Kathmandu in the country of Nepal.

Kathmandu Medical College has the mission of preparing confident and dedicated doctors to care for the society with right attitude, values, morals and skills. Modern academic curriculum is maintained along with latest teaching techniques to make the learning complete. It always has the aim of becoming a center of excellence in medical care and education. It is close to achieving its aim in future. This college has 2 separate complexes for its various functions. Duwakot basic sciences and Sinamangal Clinical Sciences are the two places in two complexes.

Approvals and Affiliations

Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal is approved by Nepal Medical Council, Sri Lanka Medical Council and affiliated to Kathmandu University.

Kathmandu Medical College Admission

The Institute offers a holistic environment for students who seek Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal admission. The learning environment is conducive to fulltime faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exemplary laboratories, excellent library and provisions of guest lectures by globally recognized medical practitioners, researchers, and academics. All this bear testimony to the fact that MBBS admission 2021 to the Institute received a voluminous response.

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Kathmandu Medical College Exams

Kathmandu Medical College is located in Nepal. The college seeks to provide a comprehensive approach towards healthcare education, research and training facilities to aspiring medical professionals. The dream of the setting up of the medical institute was to provide affordable and professional delivery of healthcare education.

Kathmandu Medical College Courses

Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal is a medical school located in Nepal. The college maintains the vision of providing good healthcare condition through brilliant standards of medical education. Community interventions are constantly made to know the state of health and needs of the society at large.

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Kathmandu Medical College Facilities

The Kathmandu Medical College is a leading private medical institution in Nepal offering MBBS Course to aspiring students. The dream of the setting up of the medical institute was to provide affordable and professional delivery of healthcare education.

Kathmandu Medical College Scholarship

Kathmandu Medical College students are made morally strong and confident to handle all the situations in their medical career. It provides complete personality development to individuals with caring character. Keeping in mind the financial problems associated with acquiring medical education as it is very expensive, Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal scholarships are offered to deserving candidates.

Kathmandu Medical College Fee-Structure

Kathmandu Medical College is located in Nepal. The college strives to provide quality medical education required to address the existing and emerging health problems of the population. Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal stands by its earnest commitment to produce skillful medical graduates, who can address the complex nature of health problems. Kathmandu Medical College aims at holistic development of the student by incorporating innovative and modern teaching techniques, activities, practical exposure, and opportunities to participate in national/international scientific forums. The Kathmandu Medical College Fees structure is affordable and students from all strata can conveniently seek admission here.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

The advantages of studying for the MBBS at the Kathmandu Medical College are as follows:
1. The Nepalese MBBS College in Kathmandu does not take donations.
2. The college, which is associated with Tribhuvan University, provides instruction for MBBS studies in Nepal.
3. International institutions like the World Health Organization, the Medical Council of India, and the Medical Council of Nepal recognize the Kathmandu Medical College.
4. Since English is the university’s primary language of instruction, it draws students from all over the world.
5. All medical students receive hands-on training at the hospitals that are connected with the Kathmandu Medical College.
6. The institution provides hostel accommodations with well-furnished, contemporary rooms.
In addition to being associated with Kathmandu University, the Kathmandu Medical College is also acknowledged by a number of international bodies, including the medical councils of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
The university is also listed in numerous other directories, including the worldwide medical education directory and the WHO’s world directory of medical colleges.
The Kathmandu National Medical College offers a teaching hostel that is utilised to house students studying MBBS in Nepal as well as for extensive training. Students receive training from experts in the medical industry.

The top-notch curriculum is just one of the many benefitIt is one of the best medical colleges available to international students who want to study MBBS in Nepal. The college, formerly known as MCI, is accredited by NMC and provides the greatest medical education available in the nation. Anywhere in the world, a person with a college degree is eligible to apply for employment.
1. There is a substantial selection of books for students in the college library. 2. English is used to teach the programs.
3. There is no prerequisite to passing any English language test.
4. When compared to Nepali medical colleges, the cost of study is less.
5. Listed among Nepal’s finest medical colleges.
6. Good environment for students from India.
7. Acknowledged by MCI or NMC.
8. Provide medical degrees that are recognised worldwide.
9. Teachers with qualifications and expertise for a top-notch education.
10. The greatest housing is offered to international students.

The following are the requirements for admission to Kathmandu Medical College to pursue an MBBS in Nepal:
1. The applicant’s age must be at least 17 years old.
2. The candidate must have graduated from a recognized board after completing their 10+2 or higher secondary education.
3. The applicant’s core 10 + 2 subjects must have been chemistry, physics, and biology.
4. The applicant must receive a minimum score of 50% on the 10+2 exam or higher secondary examination.
5. To be accepted and enroll in the MBBS program in Nepal, the applicant must receive a passing score on the NEET entrance exam.

The hostel and lodging options provided by the Kathmandu Medical College are as follows:
1. A hostel with separate rooms for men and women
2. There are fully furnished hostel rooms available at the hostels.
3. There are possibilities for rooms with air conditioning.
4. For its students, Nepal Medical College’s dormitory offers a mess.
5. The hostels are well-secured and completely protected.
6. Water and power are provided to the hostels.


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