MECEE PG 2023- Foreign to appear but passes national level

MECEE PG 2023- Foreign to appear but passes national level entrances exam of the respective country

MECEE PG, also known as the Nepal PG Medical Entrance Exam, stands for the Medical Education Commission Entrance Examination. The exam date for 2023 will shortly be made public. It is a typical entrance test held in Nepal to provide admission to postgraduate medical programs. The Board for Medical Education in Nepal administers the MECEE test. A nationwide admission test is called MECEE. The Nepal Medical Education Board holds the MECEE, a common admission test, to deliver MD/ MS in Nepal. You will be prepared for an international career by attending school in Nepal. MBBS Admission in Nepal at the lowest package is difficult due to active competition, thus preparations must be made. The nation is home to a large number of reputable institutions for higher education. Due to its viability and simple admissions processes, MBBS programs in Nepal are happily preferred by Indian medical students. An additional advantage is the friendly connections between the two countries. The educational system in Nepal is solid, and both domestic and foreign students may study there in peace. Indian students who wish to enroll in their top-choice Nepalese medical college must pass the MEC entrance test. PG entrance in Nepal is determined by MECEE scores. It is a computer-based exam set up at several testing facilities. There are 200 multiple-choice questions on the exam paper, with a possible 200 marks.

Medical Education Commission – Nepal
Government of Nepal



Tasks Graduate Level (all programs) Postgraduate Level and specialties (all program) All programs including DM/MCh and sub-specialties (all programs)
1 Self Appraisal July/ August month July/ August month By the end of May; Early June (Concluded)
2 Inspection By the end of August July/ August month By end of June (Concluded)
3 Seat Allocation By September By the end of August By end of June (Concluded)
4 Information publication for Entrance Examination August end; Early September Early November By the end of June (concluded)
5 Application Form Filling Time September end Early December By the end of July (concluded)
6 Exam Conduct October end; Early November Early January,2024 From the month of August
7 Result Publication Mid October Mid January,2024 From the month of August
8 Reapplication and result publication Mid November Late January,2024 Early-mid August
9 Online Priority Setting Mid to end of November January end,2024; February beginning -
10 Matching and Recruitment January end,2024; February beginning Early February, 2024 By mid September
11 Class Starts Early February,2024 Mid April,2024 By Mid June

The Procedure of Online Application

Within the "deadline for fee deposit," applicants may deposit their entry fees into the aforementioned Himalayan Bank Limited account number. The applicant's cell number and the transaction number should be visible on the bank voucher or payment receipt.
The application must be completed electronically and submitted using the MEC web portal at Foreign candidates applying for MECEE BL 2023 have to choose one of the following options written below.
• Foreign to appear MECEE PG 2023
• Foreign not to appear in MECEE PG 2023 but conditionally applying based on percentile obtained in the national level entrance examination of their respective countries.

Documents required

• Last six digits of the transaction reference number along with the applicant's mobile number.
• Current passport-size photograph.
• Scan copy of Passport.
• Scanned signature
• Transcript and certificates of the bachelor's degree or equivalent.
• Medical council registration certificate of the respective country, If any.
• Students can be removed at any time, if found guilty of submitting fake documents or forged identity.
• Once the application is filled, the necessary documents are to be uploaded and the self-declaration is to be done. It is advised to review the application before submission. Once the application is submitted, it is not editable.
• The application can be saved and edited as many times by accessing through 'Check your status' on the application portal. Contact number and email address are not editable once entered.

How Exam is Conducted

• The exam location will be noted on the admission card.
• As specified in the online application, the candidate must show up at the testing location with their admit card and passport.
• Candidates must be at their designated testing location at least two hours before the test.
• Pens and other stationery are not permitted for candidates to bring with them. Candidates must utilize the supplied gel pen in the testing environment.
• Before entering the exam center, candidates might be physically or digitally screened.
• No jewelry, accessories, or other ornaments are permitted in the examination room.
• After 15 minutes after the exam start, no one is permitted to enter the examination room.
• No applicants are allowed to exit the examination room before the allotted time has passed.

Eligibility of Foreign Candidates

• All applicants are advised to submit their form before time.
• To be eligible for admission, applicants must get at least a 50th percentile on the entrance exam.
• The technique of matching will be used to determine admission to various programs.
• Matching will only be done once if there are fewer merit candidates than seats available for international candidates.
• Priority will be given to those who show up for the admission exam held by the Medical Education Commission.
• If the seats become available as described in (e), a matching process will be used to select candidates who have passed the most recent national level common entrance examination in their respective countries, agreed to be given second priority in the merit list, and achieved a score of at least 50 percent or higher.
• After the matching of international applicants is complete, the remaining seats will be shifted to Nepalese open/paying seats.
• At the time of admission, foreign applicants who are chosen for admission must present authentic documentation.
• The residence does not permit private practice.
• All rights surrounding the entrance examination are reserved by the Medical Education Common Entrance Examination Committee.
• Candidates can use their mobile device's QR code reader to scan the following QR code to access the online portal at

Application Form for MECEE PG Exam

The MECEE-PG application form The Nepal Medical Education Board's official website will post the application form. On the official website, applications for the session of 2023 will be made accessible. Students from India who want to study for an MD or MS in Nepal must apply to take the test. Ensuring proper application completion to prevent application form cancellation.
Application Guidelines for the Exam
• Students must give accurate information.
• One must appropriately input their name in the name field. Your first, middle, and last names must be entered in the correct sequence.
• A document proving the candidate's citizenship must be presented by prospective applicants. Citizenship certificates are recognized together with passports or Adhaar cards. Additionally, you must bring the certificate you presented to the examination center as identification of your citizenship.
• Each document must be easily readable.
• You must check the self-declaration box after giving all the necessary information. Press the Save Information button right now so you can later examine and update the data. To modify information, don't use the back or refresh buttons.
• Students may submit a maximum of two applications at a time, each requiring a separate application fee. Programs booked for the same day or Phase also won't be allowed.
• One contestant may submit a maximum of two submissions.
• Take a printout of the completed MECEE-PG entrance examination application form and save it for later use.

MECEE PG Courses

• MD/MS (Doctor of Medicine/Master of Surgery)- In Nepal, MD programs last for three and a half years. The Government of Nepal's Nepal Education Commission has approved this course. The postgraduate programs in Nepal are well regarded and esteemed worldwide.
• MD Ayurveda (Kayachikitsa)- MD Ayurveda (Kaya Chikitsa) is offered in Ayurved Campus, Kirtipur. It is a 3 years program.
• Master in Nursing/Midwifery/M.Sc Nursing- Nursing or a minimum of three years of Bachelor in Nursing Sciences (BNS) from an accredited university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 60%.
• Pharm (Master in Pharmacy)- This is a two-year program that gives pupils advanced knowledge. The program is divided into a total of 4 semesters and is structured on a semester basis. The Pharmacy Faculty is the sponsor of this course.
• Sc Pharm (Master of Science in Pharmacy)
• MDS (Master in Dental Surgery)- At Kathmandu University, the Master of Dental Surgery program lasts for three years. The cost of MDS at KU is NPR 22,99,000 for clinical sciences and NPR 10,48,135 for fundamental sciences.
• Sc Clinical/Medical Biochemistry- The four-year, semester-based BSc Medical Biochemistry program is given by Pokhara University (PU). There are eight semesters in all.
• Sc MIT (Master of Science in Medical Imaging Technology)
• Optom (Master in Optometry)- Coursework, clinical and teaching assignments, patient care, and research and dissertation projects are all part of this four-semester (2-year) program.
• MPH (Master of Public Health)- The BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Master in Public Health (MPH) program is a two-year, four-session program. The first year, or the first two sessions, is when the foundational courses are taught.
• Sc PH (Master of Science in Public Health)
• MPhil in Clinical Psychology- A 2-year post-graduate study in clinical psychology is the Master of Philosophy or MPhil. The course typically lasts four semesters, however, this might change depending on the rules and regulations of the institution.

MECEE PG Exam Procedure

• Candidates must remember a few requirements during the admissions process.
• The paperwork must be authentic and registered. The applicant must fill out the application form carefully.
• No errors should be made when filling out the form.
• The admissions process for MECEE PG 2023 is described in detail above. We anticipate you all to prepare for the exams now that the date has been announced.
• The student must pass this test to enroll in medical PG programs in Nepal.
• Once a year, the Nepal medical PG entrance test is held, and there are a significant number of applicants.
• As a result, you must have adequately prepared for the test.

Seat matrix for Foreigners in MECEE PG

The available seats for the foreign candidates in the above academic programs will be up to:
a) 8.25% of the seats in Government colleges for Academies.
b) 33% of the seats in Private colleges by Nepalese Management.
c) 50% of the seats in Private colleges run by Nepalese and foreign management team

MECEE PG Syllabus and Weightage Marks
Many international students, especially those from India, are now studying for their MDs and MSs in Nepal. The Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine and the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences are two of the numerous medical institutes that provide PG programs in medicine. These institutions provide seats that are MCI-recognized and are also included in the WHO's World Directory of Medical Schools. One has to be familiar with the exam's syllabus and format to pass the entrance exam. since the test will be given online. Consequently, the test is computer-based. The question paper will have a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. For questions that are not attempted, there is no penalty. The test will be administered in English.

Participating Colleges in MECEE Exam
• B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.
• Tribhuvan University- Institute of Medicine.

• Kathmandu University.
• Patan Academy of Health Sciences.
• Pokhara University.

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