MECEE UG 2024: Foreign to appear but passes national exam of their respective country

MECEE UG 2024: Foreign to appear but passes national exam of their respective country

What is MECEE UG?
Medical Education Common Entrance Examination for Bachelor Level Programmes, often known as MECEE BL 2024, is a test taken by applicants to MBBS programs in Nepal. For Nepali and foreign applicants who seek to enroll in medical professional education in 2024 given by various universities, associated colleges, and academies throughout Nepal, the Medical Education Commission has organized this test. Candidates who meet the requirements are eligible to apply online to give the admission test. Before the date comes for registration, you must apply to the official website.

Medical Education Commission – Nepal
Government of Nepal



Tasks Graduate Level (all programs) Postgraduate Level and specialties (all program) All programs including DM/MCh and sub-specialties (all programs)
1 Self Appraisal July/ August month July/ August month By the end of May; Early June (Concluded)
2 Inspection By the end of August July/ August month By end of June (Concluded)
3 Seat Allocation By September By the end of August By end of June (Concluded)
4 Information publication for Entrance Examination August end; Early September Early November By the end of June (concluded)
5 Application Form Filling Time September end Early December By the end of July (concluded)
6 Exam Conduct October end; Early November Early January,2024 From the month of August
7 Result Publication Mid October Mid January,2024 From the month of August
8 Reapplication and result publication Mid November Late January,2024 Early-mid August
9 Online Priority Setting Mid to end of November January end,2024; February beginning -
10 Matching and Recruitment January end,2024; February beginning Early February, 2024 By mid September
11 Class Starts Early February,2024 Mid April,2024 By Mid June

Branches under MECEE UG

 Medical schools in Nepal follow a similar curriculum to those in India.
 The course lasts 5 and a half years in total, including the internship.
 Students will acquire the fundamentals of clinical medicine through rotating internships in the next two and a half years after the basic medical sciences are taught in the first two years.
• BDS- In Nepal, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery program lasts 5.5 years, including 4 years and 6 months of full-time education and 1 year of required rotational internships. The BDS program is available in Nepal through Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS).
• BSc. Nursing- The BSc Nursing program is done in several universities and organizations in Nepal which includes Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. The program tenure is four years and is broken up into eight semesters.
• BASLP- The BSc Nursing program is offered by several universities and organizations in Nepal, including Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. The program tenure is four years and is completed in eight semesters.
• B Perfusion Technology- The Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, launched a four-year program in perfusion technology.
• BAMS- This program lasts 5.5 years, including internships.
• BNS- Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, NAMS, and Purbanchal University all provide 3- to 4-year undergraduate nursing programs with the title "Bachelor of Nursing." This course aims to equip nursing personnel for entry-level and middle-level positions in communities and hospitals.
• BSc. MIT, B. Pharma, B. Optometry, BPT, and BPH.

Eligibility Criteria under MECEE UG

The Sanothmi, Bhaktapur-based Nepal Medical Commission encourages students to apply for MECEE UG programs at various universities and institutions in Nepal online. The test may be applied to choose students for Nepal's bachelor's degree programs in medicine. Candidates that meet the requirements may apply to many academic programs. Below is a list of the requirements for qualifying.
• The candidates must have graduated from a recognized national board with a higher secondary diploma (10+2 or equivalent) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
• Candidates must have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.4 or an equal percentage.
• To pass the entrance test, all students must have at least a 50% grade in MECEE BL or MECEE UG.
• Medical institutions would give preference to those who submitted applications through MECEE 2024 for bachelor programs.
• At the time of admission, overseas applicants who qualified for the exam must present original documentation.
• The selected candidates will be sent a notice to choose their top colleges. Following that, a computer-based matching system will use the candidates' academic achievements and college preferences to provide the best candidate among the open seats.
• After the matching process for overseas applicants is complete, any unsold seats will be moved to the Nepalese Open (paying) Seats.

Application Process

Online application form submission is a procedure. The expected start date for registration is December 2024, and it will likely run until February 2024 at 5:00 PM. The application procedure involves several phases. The qualified applicants may submit more than one program application. For each application, they must make a separate bank payment. The following alternatives are available to international applicants who are applying for MECEE UG 2024.
• Foreign to appear MECEE UG 2024
• Foreign not to appear MECEE UG 2024 who have passed the national level entrance examination of their respective countries.
Complete the necessary fields and pay the application cost. Before submitting, there is an option for modification. Once submitted, content cannot be changed. With a fresh bank payment voucher, you can reapply. Additionally, the comprehensive test schedule and seat distribution will be released soon. To keep current, visit the official website often.

Deposition of fees

• Applicants may submit application fees starting in December 2024.
• Fee deposits must be received by January 23 at 3:00 PM.
• Foreign applicants must pay $8,000 for the admission exam. (Free of Bank Fees)
• The institution is known as Himalayan Bank Limited.
• The account name and location are Medical Education Commission, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, and the current account number is 04308931670017. HIMANPKA IS THE SWIFT CODE.
• All forms of payment are accepted, including direct deposit at any branch of Himalayan Bank Limited, Mobile Banking (Hi-MB), QPay Nepal, Connect IPS, Cell pay, Visa, Master Card, Express and Union Pay International, MOIN, IME Pay, eSEWA, and Prabhul Pay.

Documents required

• images of an Adhar card and a passport that were recently taken in passport size.
• a transcript-like certificate of education equivalent to a 10+2.
• The Respectful Council Registration Certificate.
• the final six digits of the transaction reference number.
• The candidate's mobile phone number.
• After applying, the candidate must also fill out a self-declaration and deliver the pertinent copies of the essential documents. A confirmation page will show after payment; save or print it for future use.

Things to do and not to do for MECEE UG Exam

The Medical Education Board of Nepal administers the MECEE series of medical common entry exams. For medical students who want to complete their undergraduate degree in medicine in Nepal, this exam is a must. Now, there are many rigorous guidelines for this test. Additionally, there is a strict watch.
Things one should do:
• For the exam, you should bring your stuff. We won't tolerate any stationery sharing. If someone is discovered engaging in such behavior, the regulating agency will take severe measures.
• No alterations may be made to the answer sheet. Care should be used when filling it.
• The examination must be finished within the allotted time frame. The submission of any answer sheet after the exam will not be allowed.
Things not to do:
• You are not permitted to whisper and repeat your answers while taking the test. You must continue to be silent.
• When delivering the exam, the attitude must be to do what fits you best. Avoid becoming frustrated.
• Make every effort to avoid providing inaccurate information. because incorrect responses receive lower marks. Your self-preparation must be top-notch for this.

Exam Schedule in MECEE UG

According to the National Medical Education Act of 2075, the Medical Education Commission will administer the single entrance test to students applying to various universities and programs across the nation.
• For the Day 1 test, there will be a similar question paper for all academic programs.
• For the Day 2 test, there will be a distinct question paper for each academic program.
• Each candidate must complete the online form as instructed within the deadline.
• Candidates who qualify can submit applications for several programs using different bank payments according to the aforementioned exam schedule.
• When completing the online application form, foreign applicants should select one of the following options:
• Foreign to appear MECEE-UG 2024
• Foreign not to appear in MECEE-UG 2024 who have passed the national level entrance examination of their respective countries.
• Later, the precise exam timetable and seat allocation will be made public.

The process to prepare for MECEE UG Exam

• The first step is to be notified of the exam date and to begin preparing for it mentally. When you are done with the dates on which the test will be administered, you may take steps to prepare for it.
• Be familiar with your course material. You can make a lot of trouble if you do not fully understand the material. Thus, it is correct at first to be familiar with the curriculum. Knowing which chapters to concentrate on more can help you organize your time and ace the test.
• Before making any preparations, choose the stream. Always choose the stream in which you wish to take the Nepal MECEE Exam. You won't be able to plan or continue the preparations until that time.
• Establish a regular and daily habit out of it. Exams that are competitive demand a lot of study because thousands of students are vying for the same slot. You must constantly be focused on your studies and be able to concentrate. The easiest way to do it is to establish a schedule and adhere to it religiously.
• Consult a variety of books and internet sites for references. It might be beneficial to follow the steps of your seniors who have passed the exam. Everyone studies differently, so make your own decisions and pick books that you find useful.
• You should also make an effort to ignore any distractions while continuing to study in a well-organized area. Additionally, check if the environment is welcoming and that you can completely focus on your studies.
• The time-honored method of explaining your solution to others can also be used. Your parents, siblings, or the pet you keep in your room may be wandering about. Using this method can help you remember complicated and lengthy responses.

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