Medical Education Commission Under Graduate Programmes 2023

SNInstitution / ProgramB Perf. Tech.BAMSBASLPBDSBNSBNS(MID)B OptoBPHBPharmBPTBsc Medical BiochemistryBsc Medical MicrobiologyBsc MITBsc MLTBsc NursingMBBS
1Birat Medical College          30   20100
2"Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital"    3030     30   40100
3Edenburgh International College       40        
4Hamro School of Nursing              30 
5Koshi Health And Science Campus    40  40        
6"Purbanchal University School of Health Sciences"     40  4030     40 
7Birat Health College Pvt.Ltd       40        
8"B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences" 2  50 20      101040100
9Sunsari Technical College        40       
10Janaki Medical College    15  10      2050
11University Campus        30    20  
12"Madhesh Institute of Health Sciences"     20  20     2020 
13National Medical College   2540       31230100
14"Unique Medical College & Teaching Hospital Pvt.Ltd"        40        
15Saptarishi Health Science College       40        
16"Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy, College of Nursing Science"        40       
17"College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital/COMS"    40          40100
18"Bharatpur Hospital Nursing College"     40           
19"Shree Medical & Technical College"     40  4030     30 
20Chitwan Medical College   4040  4040   62540100
21"N.P.I.Narayani Samudayik Hospital Ltd."               20 
22"B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nursing College"     40           
23"Kathmandu Medical College P.Ltd."    5020    30    40100
24Nepal Medical College Pw. Ltd.   40          40100
25CIST College       7040       
26Everest College of Nursing    40         20 
27"Innovative College of Health Science Pvt. Ltd."     40           
28"Kantipur Academy of Health Science"     40  4030     20 
29Karnali College of Health Sciences       4030       
30"Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Nursing (Run By:Janaswasthya Sarokar Trust )"     40         20 
31"Little Buddha College of Health Science"        4030       
32"Nagarik College of Health Sciences"     40         20 
33"National Academy For Medical Science"        40        
34"Nepal Institute of Health Sciences (Stupa)"        40        
35"Norvic Institute of Nursing Education"     40         30
36Om Health Campus (P.) Ltd.    40  40      30 
37"Valley College of Technical Sciences"        4030       
38Ayurveda Campus/TU IOM 40              
39Maharajgunj Medical Campus3 625  10 30   1015 100
40Maharajgunj Nursing Campus    50         40 
41"Manmohan Memorial Institute of Heakh Sciences"     40  4038    2340 
42National Model College For Advance Learning        36       
43"Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences"     40  20     1240100
44"PeopIe'S Dental College & Hospital Pvt. Ltd"    50   10     12  
45Nobel College    40  8040 2020 4040 
46Yeti Heakh Science Academy       40        
47"National Academy of Medical Sciences"     602040     10   
48"Central Department of Public Health"        50        
49Kantipur Dental College   50            
50KU School of Medical Sciences   503020   40  202040100
51KU School of Science        60       
52"Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital Medical Institute, College of Nursing"               40 
S3"Patan Academy of Health Sciences"                65
54Lalitpur Nursing Campus    40         40 
55National Open College       70        
56Alka Hospital Pvt. Ltd.    40           
57"Asian Foundation of Education & Research Pvt.Ltd."     40  4030     20 
58B&B Medical Institute    40         30 
59Hope International College       4030       
60JF Institute of Health Science    30   40    20  
61KIST Medical College   40    10    12 100
62Modern Technical College Ltd.       2020    20  
63Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences       2030    30  
64"Manipal College of Medical Sciences"               40100
6SHimalaya Eye Institute      17         
66La Grandee International College       40        
67"School of Health And Allied Sciences,Pkr"        408020   40  
68Gandaki Medical College   2540  4038   62440100
69Gandaki University        20       
70"Nepalgunj Medical College Managed By Lord Buddha Educational Acadey"               20100
71"Lumbini Medical College & Teaching Hospital Ltd"               40100
72Crimson College of Technology        40    40  
73"Sanjeevani College Oi Medical Sciences"        40        
74"Universal College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital (UCMS)"    5040  4040   63040100
75"Kendriya Ayurved Bidhyapeeth/NSU"  40              
76"Karnali Academy of Health Sciences"     2010 2020      20
Grand Total580656511957067142090215020207142511001835


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